Fireworks Fundraiser

JUNE 23 - JULY 5, 2018 


We estimate that the Fireworks Tent will raise approximately $13,000 and will require approximately 1,300 hours of work at about $10.00/hour. We can increase the total raised if you promote it with your friends and families.


If you cannot work the shift for which you've signed up, please call Sarah Holt at 218-556-6759 as soon as possible.



Click or scroll down for more information about the different roles



If you are hoping to attend CHIC in 2018, this is one of our largest fundraising opportunities and participation is required. As a group, you are responsible for approximately 600 hours. Your goal individually is to work 20 hours at the tent. The fundraising goal for this group is $4000.



You will be responsible for a minimum of 10 hours working at the tent for each trip you plan on attending, either Kentucky and/or Nicaragua. The proceeds will go to help defray costs for the Kentucky outreach and the Nicaragua outreach. The fundraising goal for this group is $4000.



Middle School students attending MUUUCE in August should plan on working 10 hours. This will raise $3000, to cover transportation there and back for the group and help defray additional costs.



Thank you for investing in the next generation! Your support and generosity is appreciated!! We need to cover 100 hours to supply youth grants, keep bus costs low, and help provide scholarships. The fundraising goal for this group is $1000. Each student going to Bluewater is asked to consider covering 4 hours.



Calculation of hours includes Supervisor & Overnight hours worked by family members. Parents or family members may also substitute for the student. We know that it's more fun to work in groups with friends. However, to make it fair and equitable for everyone, only the positions needed count for your hours. In other words, if 1 Cashier and 1 Floor Staff is needed but 4 students sign up, only the two in the needed positions can count those hours. However, friends can join in at anytime to keep you company. But please note, anyone who comes to the tent will be expected to work and be productive. The Shift Supervisor will assign duties as needed.



Click the button to the right to open the Fireworks Google Calendar in another window.


Go to:


Password: volunteer!

Click “Sign In”

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN OUT WHEN YOU ARE DONE! Other people have accidentally stayed "signed in" unknowingly.

Choose the date you want in the mini calendar on the left. Our starting date is June 23rd. You can then click the arrow buttons on the top left side of the screen until you get to the dates between June 23 and July 5, 2018. Once you find a shift you want to be involved in, click on the shift name. This should open an edit box.


 In the shift title field, replace "Name" with your First & Last Name and replace "(phone)" with your phone number "(xxx-xxx-xxxx)" so it looks like: Jim Murphy (218-766-4855). Then click save at the top and you’re registered. Now you can look for another shift to help fill.   



Times for shifts may be adjusted as needed. Please consult with Sarah Holt to do so.


Staff - These people will be Sarah Holt and Nancy Howard.

Sarah Holt will manage all scheduling, accounting, and provide training.

Nancy Howard will provide training, and assist with managing the tent.

All three will assist with supervisor and overnight shift changes each day. They will also collect, count (with a second adult), and deposit the money.


Supervisors (7 Hour Shifts) - Adults (21 yrs+) who manage the tent, make decisions, and assign duties. Training and constant contact with Staff is provided.


Cashiers (2 Hour Shifts) - Students/Adults (16 yrs+) who run the till and take payments. Training provided.


Floor Staff (2 Hour Shifts) - Students/Adults of any age who greet and assist customers, restock product, assist with bagging at the till, clean garbage, etc.


Overnight (10 Hour Shifts) - This overnight shift needs 2 People and requires at least 1 of them to be an Adult. Any number of others may join. However only the two needed will be able to count their hours. Or, you may divide the 20 hours evenly among those attending. You may sleep. Your vehicle will be parked right at the doorway to indicate your presence in the tent.

Supplies Provided - 2 Cots, Lamps, Bug Spray, 2 Fans, Ear Plugs

Bring Your Own - Sleeping Bag, Additional Cots or Sleeping Pads, Snacks, Fun Things to Do