Encounters with Jesus

The Gospels record the encounters that many people had with Jesus. During the month of June, we'll explore four of those encounters and how Jesus interacted with them. We'll discover the ways these encounters modeled four New Testament images of salvation: Regeneration, Justification, Redemption, and Adoption. Drawing on everyday experiences like the birth of a baby, the justice system, buying and selling, and adoption, these images demonstrate the real change in the lives of real people that happen when we put our faith in Jesus and are reconciled back to God.

Adoption: A Child of God SERIES Adoption: A Child of God

Pastor Jim Murphy
June 26, 2016
Matthew 12:46 - 50

Redemption: No Longer Slaves SERIES Redemption: No Longer Slaves

Pastor Jim Murphy
June 19, 2016
John 8:31 - 36

Justification: Declared Innocent SERIES Justification: Declared Innocent

Pastor Jim Murphy
June 12, 2016
John 8:2 - 11

Regeneration:Born Again SERIES Regeneration:Born Again

Pastor Jim Murphy
June 5, 2016
John 1:1 - 8