You are a Chosen and Changed Child of God

Posted by Jim Murphy on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 @ 9:47 AM

This week, Varisty dives into the purpose of being consecrated and living in holiness. Holiness goes beyond personal moral choices. Being holy is not just living a good life; rather, it is for the purpose of reflecting God to the world. Consecration is missional in nature. Our consecrated lives are not for our good but for the sake of others so that they may see God and give Him glory. And it all stems from the reality that we are CHOSEN by God and when we respond with  faith in Jesus Christ, we become the CHANGED CHILDREN of GOD.


REALITY: We want to live life the way the world around us lives.
TRUTH: God has CHOSEN us and CHANGED us to live a CHILDREN OF GOD who are Set Apart for Christ from the world and sin.


1 Peter 2:9-12


  1. We are CHOSEN to be Set Apart for Christ (1 Pet. 2:9)
    Peter applies various terms to the Church that had traditionally been reserved for the nation of Israel. Primary among these was the fact that the members of the Church had been chosen by God just as Israel had been chosen. He did not use these terms in order to communicate that the Church had replaced Israel but rather to show that the Church bore the purpose for which Israel had been called. This purpose was chiefly to declare the praises of God in the World.
  2. We are CHANGED to be Set Apart for Christ (1 Pet. 2:10)
    Many of Peter’s readers were Gentiles. That meant that they were not part of God’s chosen nation of Israel. Additionally, Peter’s readers were separated from God because of their sin—not because of their nationality. They didn’t deserve to be chosen by Him or to belong to Him. There was absolutely nothing that they could do to earn His favor. However, God was merciful, and when He chose them, they experienced a change in their life like nothing they’d experienced before. God changes our lives from the inside out.
  3. We are CHILDREN OF GOD who demonstrate Christ to the world (1 Pet. 2:11–12)
    Peter points out that because we are CHOSEN and CHANGED, we are, therefore, aliens and strangers in this world. We don’t belong to this world. We are no longer children of this world. Rather, we are CHILDREN OF GOD. Peter, then challenges his readers to abstain from evil desires and deeds for a reason that was a bit unexpected. He doesn’t desire solely for his readers to live good lives for their sake or even only for God’s sake. Rather, he desires for them to live such good lives that the nonbelievers around them would notice them and finally glorify God for the good that He was doing through them.

HOPE: God has CHOSEN us and CHANGED us to live a CHILDREN OF GOD who are Set Apart for Christ from the world and sin.


  1. How does knowing that you are a chosen people who belong to God affect the way that you see yourself? How does it affect the way that you see others?
  2. How does the mercy of God that we have experienced as His people change the way that we interact with those who have wronged us in some way?
  3. In what ways has your faith in God made you feel like a stranger or alien in this world?
  4. Describe a time in your life when something good that you did enabled you to let some-one know about God.


The best way to reinforce this at home is to talk about choices as coming from our identity not as a matter of following rules.

  • "We choose ______ because of who we are as God's children."
  • "We choose not to ______ because God has changed us and given us a new life."
  • "We don't ______ because that's not who we are as Christians."
  • "We choose to _____ because that's how God designed us to live."

Change the way you talk about choices. Replace "performance based language" that is driven by legalistic rule following with "identity based language" that is driven by living out of who God has designed us to be––who Christ has made us to be.

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