Baby Dedication at the Covenant Church

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This service is rooted in the biblical celebration of the blessing of birth and life. It recalls Jesus blessing of the children as a sign of the kingdom of God (Mark 10:13-16). It proclaims the message of God’s saving deeds in Christ for all, including children.


Parents wanting the blessing of God on their child but believe that baptism is to be reserved for those who make a conscious choice in confession of faith. Grateful for the gift of a child (Psalm 127:3), the parents are accepting their responsibility of nurturing the child, filling their home with the love and grace of God and naturally seeking God’s help and wisdom.


When God has blessed us with the precious gift of a child, it seems right to respond to God with thankfulness and a fresh commitment. The emphasis in the baby dedication is on the personal pledge of parents to raise them in a way that is pleasing to God. This baby dedication is an indication of the parent’s desire for their child to one day make that personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ. Parents who dedicate their child look forward to the day when the child hears the word, repents, believes and is baptized.


In bringing your child to the community of faith to be dedicated, you are acknowledging your desire and the child’s need for the gathered church to help children come to faith and to grow in faith throughout their lives. During this service the community of faith also commits to the responsibility of care for and nurturing both the child and the parents in deepening faith in Jesus Christ.

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This form should be completed as soon as possible and no later than 7 days before the baptism.

Baby Dedication Form


The Day of Dedication

  • Dress nicely, you'll be on stage and there'll be lots of pictures taken!

  • Plan to have your baby's sponsors on stage with you (if applicable).

  • Meet in the Friends Chapel 30 minutes before the service begins
    8:30AM for 1st Service
    10:15AM for 2nd Service).

    The Friends Chapel is located at the front of the sanctuary behind the stained glass windows. Be sure all sponsors or family members are with you. We'll get you familiar with the plans for the service.